Our Philosophy

Strong Health Matters philosophy is underpinned by the Pillars of Focus – Lift Learn Love

Lift yourself, lift others, lift to get stronger, fitter and faster. Lift your game and let your passion be a motivator for others.

Learn new things, expand your capacity. “A man without education is like a building with no foundation”. Learn how you move and how it can be improved. Learn to recognise kinks in the armour and address these areas before they hold you back.

Love yourself, who you are and what you do, love others, and how your happiness and the happiness of those around you can support your health.

Our Why

To establish a fully integrated Allied Health and Performance Centre, with the goal to provide all users (staff and clients) with a holistic approach to their needs, all under one roof. Working with clients from those needing assistance with clinical needs through to athletic population.

An approach focussed on learning and education to support development. Once an individual establishes their goals and or needs then a plan of approach can be made. This plan will utilise exercise, nutrition and recovery practices within the scope of the three pillars of focus of Strong Health Matters, Lift Learn Love.

This is supported by all those involved at Strong Health Matters.

Strong Health Matters…. is a statement, is our passion, is our approach and our belief.

Strong health is especially important in a world that does not stand still, with ever changing physical and mental demands on a daily basis. If we let life get on top of us we can lose focus and look to finding unhelpful means of distracting or escaping what our mind and body may be telling us.

The Strong Health Matters aim is to aid individuals to make decisions to choose the right direction and guide towards long term future health. We all have different goals, experiences, views and opinions – it is this that makes us who we are. SHM will cater to your needs, we recognise that individuals will not be a perfect fit for an existing treatment process, training program or routine.

Something is always better than nothing, however something with focus, direction and specificity to you as an individual will provide quicker and more direct results. Helping individuals to discover and enhance their physical capacity, approach to health and well-being using a holistic approach.

Supporting the individual to take ownership, control and improve decision making skills with a broader education into health and well-being.